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Delegant Management Team: Adrian Parrott

Adrian Parrott BSc MSc MBA

Adrian Parrott

Adrian Parrott is the Technical Director and Co-founder of Delegant. Adrian has over 20 years experience of working with a diverse range of organisations. With a background in healthcare Adrian has worked with organisations ranging from multi-national public companies through to private equity backed start-ups. Adrian started his career in a scientific role before moving into operational roles in the areas of project management and then into Commercial and Organisational Director roles. Adrian co-founded Delegant in 2011 and has been instrumental in the year-on-year growth of the business. Adrian holds a first class degree in mathematics, a Masters Degree in Statistics and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Durham.

What does Adrian Parrott Think?…..A Quick Q&A

Favourite Event Location?

Geneva. We ran a Clinical Trial Investigator Meeting in Geneva just before Christmas a couple of years ago. Was a great venue and it is always nice to get an hour away in the evening to walk round a location, and on this one I said hello to many of the Investigators who had ventured out for a walk after the daytime sessions.

Favourite Dinner Entertainment?

Always like the Award part of the Membership Organisation Annual Conference. I sometimes get asked to MC the Evening and the most memorable was at Hilton Deansgate in 2014. We announced the winner of the Overall Poster Award for this Scientific Conference and the winner came up to the stage almost in tears with the words “I never thought I would win”. I spoke to her after and she said the first thing I did was “call my Mum”.

Biggest Event Challenge?

We’d booked 50 people into an event at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. A week before the event the venue was taken over by the Zimbabwe Government and the event had to be moved to Bulawayo. Victoria Falls isn’t the easiest place to get groups into, but we managed to change venue, change flights (as everyone was coming in from other countries and this was a flight transfer) and it went off successfully!  

Favourite Part of an Event?

Branding. Working a lot with not-for-profits we have a limited budget to try to extend as much as possible. This is were our Team are brilliant. Some of the things we have done make it look like a huge-budget event. That is what makes me happy.